Monday, June 02, 2014

Finding the Time to Work

The best way to make better use of the time you have, is to stop wasting the time that you can use to work with.  Throughout your life you've heard people say things like: "that was a waste of time", "I could have made better use of my time", or the most common phrase, "stop wasting my time".  The person that is actually wasting the time is YOU, by allowing others to control it.

So the other phrase about "time is money" might be true, if your actually using the time you have to do the work that needs to be done.  When you receive an assignment, the due date is usually 24 hours, but depending on the project type, it may take several days.  The whole idea of working with a mobile device is being able to continue working when your away from a standard computer or laptop.  So we have to arrange things so that we can continue where we left off.

If you don't know what kind of file you might be working with, then you should be able to either create it on your device, or have a copy of the file type that you can use already there.  When you sign into the Mobile Website at the Activemode Network, you can find some of the files you need, so that helps a little bit.  The next thing you need to be able to do is open the file on your device and add or make changes to the content of the file your using.  This will take practice, so you should use the free time that you have to find different ways of doing it.

Don't allow yourself to become frustrated if there's something that you can't do.  If it's been done by someone else, then you can do it too.  Take a deep breath and think about what your doing and how you want to do it.  If you know your not going to be near a computer, then make sure that everything you need is on the mobile device so that you can get to it.  Make sure your phone is fully charged, and stay focused, so that you can finish, and be done with it.

And finally, as mentioned in the beginning, there's always time to work, if your not distracted by other things.  Games, entertainment, and other activities are fine when you have time for it.  You have to decide what's important to you, and make the best use of the time you have to get your work done.  Once the time is wasted, you won't get any of it back, and you'll end up rushing to finish.  Begin working early, and do everything you can to prepare for interruptions that slow you down.
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