Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Reasoning and Motivation
Here's a good example of how we're conditioned to work.  Let's say you have the weekend off and Friday night it's time to get the laundry done.  But there's a few good shows on TV, and you put it off for Saturday.  So on Saturday, it's beautiful outside, and you decide to enjoy the day, and put the laundry off until Sunday.  So when Sunday comes, there's a Concert that you have tickets to, and you spent that day at a friends house so that you can all go together.  Monday Morning comes, it's time to go back to work, and the laundry that you should have done on Friday Night is still there.

The example sounds extreme, but we've all done it.  If you did that at work, you might be terminated for putting off work that should have been done for 3 days, and that's the point I'm trying to make.  When you work using a Mobile Device outside of an office you can't put things off, because you have something to do.  Most of the assignments are due on that same day, and someone's business depends on the work getting done.  So we should agree, that being self-motivated is a big part of mobile working.

The motivation comes from you.  Once you know what to do, then you can do it, because you know it has to be done.  We don't get paid to do our own laundry, but if someone pays you to do their laundry, and you agree, then it has to be done.  Most people won't do what they need to do for themselves, because they don't have to, but we're talking about "work" so you can't make excuses, when you have more than enough time to do it.
And the last point is this...
Television is educational, but unless your taking a work course in Media Broadcasting, it doesn't pay anything.  The Shows on television will occupy your time just enough that hours will pass by.  The Cartoons will entertain you all afternoon, but there's no profit in them unless you were hired to watch Cartoons.  So, make time to work with your mobile device, and keep in mind that your getting paid to work with it.  Turn off the games and the television, and load the Business Programs that you need to get your work done, so that you can have more free time afterwards.

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