Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Sustaining The Work

Alright, so the work day is active from the time you wake up and your working on the assignment that you were given.  You know that once the assignment is submitted, then your done.  But then something comes back saying there's a mistake in what you gave back.  Don't get nervous about it.  Double check your work, and make sure that the question you were asked was understood properly.  It's possible that the mistake is not yours, and the customer asked the wrong question.  It's also possible that you misunderstood the question, and you now have to correct your work.

This happens sometimes, and we have to find ways to work through it.  Rather than complain, we have to find out what's wrong, and request clarification on the subject.  If you know for sure you made a mistake, then correct it, and resubmit the answer or solution.  If you know for sure "after double checking", don't blame the client.  Instead, ask for clarification so that you can better understand the problem, and come up with right solution.

Now that the assignment becomes more complex, this is actually an opportunity to make yourself look better rather than look worse, by being more detailed in your resolve.  Conflicts in assignments can be difficult, but not impossible to figure out, and it makes you look good when you can still fix the problem and resubmit the answer that's right regardless of who's fault it is.  Remember that the end will justify the means, and offer more options then you need to, so that your client knows that your more capable.  Use the resources that you have in the network to get the work done.

Team work is what makes "Office Work" more preferable to people that work in an office, and you should remember that you have others doing the same work that your doing, and are there to help you.  If you get stuck with an assignment that your having problems with, post it on the Internal Messageboard (Not the Public Messageboard) so that you can get help from the other members.  If it's something that you can't do at all, then don't be ashamed to notify the "Network Administrator", so that it can be reassigned to someone else.

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