Friday, September 10, 2004

You've Got to Be Kidding Me Man...

Some Jackass contact me on the Yahoo IM with this message:
yaandni : How are you doing pls
activemode : I'm doing just fine... Are you alright?
yaandni : Yes
yaandni : Am Prince Adama Andni of the Northern Part of Ghana
yaandni : and u?
activemode : I'm just a Programmer.
yaandni : Location pls
activemode : Florida
yaandni : Do you have access to email pls
activemode : why?
yaandni : My dad was the late king (YAA-NAA-ANDNI)
At this point, I stoped and blocked the sender. 
For one thing, this person types very good english for someone from Ghana.  They also seem to have a habit of contacting common people, that are not of Royal Blood like myself.  Also, why is my location important, if your sending a message to me announcing your Royal Status?  And finally, why would you have to type out a pronunciation of the name of your father? 
Notice when they typed:
yaandni: and u?
yaandni: Location pls
They use an abbreviation for - you and please - This is un-becoming of a person of Royal Status.  They would have typed out the whole word.
This is obviously a scam. 
The person that sent it, is probably some Broke Bald Guy with no friends, living in his mothers basement in Ohio.  Otherwise, it could also be a Lonely Old Woman looking for a way to suppliment her income or pay for the young men that she buys sex from.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Crashing Surf along the Beach in St. Simons Island Georgia.
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A house in Seminole Florida has a new lawn decoration.
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This tree in Port Orange Florida didn't fall down. The wind is blowing so hard that it's actually laying sideways !
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Sunday, September 05, 2004

ParkLand Florida Winds: 120mph

A Traffic Light and Street Sign is blown right off the powerlines in Parkland Florida.
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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Not so happy family standing in front of their home where a tree has fallen into their front lawn.
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With so much water fallen already, the roots of the trees have given way and trees fall over into the street.
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A Boat blown out of the water, has ended up in a tree. Right next to a house.
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This Standard Satellite Photo shows the amount of cloud cover and heavy rains expected, with winds up to 120 mph.
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Radar Satellite shows the heavy water and rain that comes along with Hurricane Frances.
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Traffic was backed up for miles on Interstate 4. Evacuees headed south on Thursday afternoon.
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Lantana Florida Sees Frances
Hurricane Francis begins its trip through Lantana Florida.
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Boynton Beach Florida Prepares for the worst

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