Friday, July 25, 2014

The following classes are now available...

1. Communication
2. Business Applications
3. Finding Time To Work
4. Reasoning And Motivation
5. Sustaining The Work
6. Learning To Work Offline Without An Internet Connection
7. Business Language How To Communicate With People
8. Trouble Shooting Problems While Working
9. Team Work While Working On Projects
10. Consolidation And Minimizing Projects
11. Managing Distractions And Avoiding Delays
12. Program Menus And Settings Adjustments
13. File And Image Formats We Use
14. Different Storage Methods For Different Devices
15. What Is A Spreadsheet And Why Work With Them
16. Formatted Documents And Editing
17. Microsoft Outlook Email Information
18. Working With Google Business Applications
19. Changing The Way You Think About Work
20. Using The Proper Wording And Phrasing
21. Formatting And Detailing Documents For Display
22. Computer Science And Engineering In General
23. Advertising Marketing And Search Engine Optimization
24. Social Media And How It Applies To Mobile Work
25. Artificial Stimulants And Effects On Work
26. Homework Housework And Mobile Working
27. Smartphone Accessories Make Life Easier
28. Dealing With Different Attitudes And Personalities
29. Non-Profit Organizations Volunteering And Customer Support
30. Specific Device Training And Mobile Support